Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) 2019/2020 Kits - Dream League Soccer Kits

Al Zamalek sporting club is a famous football club of Giza(Egypt).This club was founded on 1911.Today in this article i'll share Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) 2019/2020 Kits and logo for Dream League Soccer and First Touch Soccer (FTS15).

Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) Home Kits

Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) Away Kits

Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) Third Kits

Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) Goalkeeper Home Kits

Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) Goalkeeper Away Kits

Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) Goalkeeper Third Kits
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Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) Logo

That's the 2019/2020 season kits and logo of Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) football club.Now you can easily use them into Dream League Soccer & First Touch Soccer 15 (FTS 15) game.
How To Download Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) logo in Dream League Soccer game :-
  • To download Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) logo in Dream League Soccer game open Dls game and enter my club
  • Click on customise team⇨edit logo
  • Then Click on download button (you will find download button in the left side footer)
  • Paste Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) team logo url into download box (logo url is given above)
  • Now click on  (✔️) check mark and wait few seconds,your favourite Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) team logo will be downloaded into your Dream League Soccer game.
How to download Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) team kits into Dream League Soccer game :-
  • To download Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) team kits into Dream League Soccer game you need to follow the same Steps that i written above,first open your Dream League Soccer game and click on my club⇨customise team⇨edit kits
  • Now click on download (like downloading logo)
  • Paste Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) team kits url into link box (collect kits url from above) & click on (✔️) check mark button
  • Now just wait few seconds your favourite Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) team kits will be downloaded into your Dream League Soccer game
  • Follow the same steps to download other kits of Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) team(away kits,third kits,goalkeeper home kits,goalkeeper away kits and goalkeeper third kits).

I wish you will be success to download your favourite Al-Zamalek SC (Egypt) team 2019/2020 all Kits & logo into Dream League Soccer game.

If you fell any problems just let me know by doing comment bellow, and if you want more your favourite team logo and kits just comment bellow,i'll try my best to brings your favourite team kits.

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